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NEW New Power Cook Gas Table <Pilot safety shut off device equipped type>
MODEL CHANGE Electric Fryer
NEW Electric Multipurpose Griller <Clad steel plate type>
NEW Gas Fryer
<Lower Oil Amount type>
NEW Electric tempura fryer
NEW Electric Multideck Automatic Rice Cooker


May 02nd, 2018ProductFrozen Noodle Boiler / Raw Noodle Boiler and Water Pressure Rice Washer catalogue were updated.
Mar 16th, 2018ProductGas Range and Ramen Boiler catalogue were updated.
Dec 26th, 2017ProductFryer, Griller, Chinese Range, Noodle Boiler and Steamer catalogue were updated.
Nov 02st, 2017ProductGas Range and Griddle catalogue were updated.
Sep 01st, 2017ProductRamen Boiler, Gas Burner and Multistory Automatic Rice Cooker catalogue were updated.
Apr 17th, 2017OtherOur Homepage renews
Mar 31st, 2017EventsReport for Hoteres 2017 in Japan