Working environment in kitchen will be dramatically improved by “Cool Kitchen Series”!!


Surface of gas equipment is normally very hot, therefore your skin may get injured if you touch it accidentally. However, “cool kitchen series” equipment can drop the temperature to less than 65℃ which mean you do not need to worry about skin burn.


It is always hot in a kitchen. However, “cool kitchen series” equipment can make it cooler by “low radiation heat” and “concentrated exhaust”. It can realize comfortable kitchen environment which improves working efficiency. Also, it is more hygienic as well.


“Low radiation heat” and “concentrated exhaust” reduce the “air conditioning load” also. Therefore, you can save energy and reduce air conditioning cost by “cool kitchen series” equipment.

Easy Cleaning!

Burning of boil over on the surface of equipment is always stuck very hard. As under 65℃ on the surface, it won’t be burned as same as normal equipment. “Cool kitchen series” equipment can make it easier to clean.

“Cool Kitchen Series” lineup

Gas fryer
Gas fryer Lower Oil Amount type
Gas fryer for Delicatessen
Low range

Automatic noodle boiler/Square-tanknoodle boiler
GAS Multistory Automatic Rice Cooker