Electric Multipurpose Griller
<Clad steel plate type>

Clad steel plate type is also available!
Clad steel* plate type which is excellent for heat storage is also available. It can reduce temperature irregularity of pan and realize the uniform finish. Moreover, surface of pan is stainless, so it is strong against rust and easy to clean.
(*double structure with stainless and iron)

⇒Electric Multipurpose Griller <Clad steel plate type> Specifications


Model External dimension
Top plate dimensions (mm) Power
Necessary hand
switch capacity
Drain List price
Width Depth Height Back Thickness Width Depth
MEGM-H057C 540 700 300 150 11mm 340 350 3φ200V 4.0 15A 15A 40A ¥840,000
MEGM-H077C 700 700 300 150 11mm 500 350 3φ200V 6.0 20A 15A 40A ¥890,000
MEGM-H087C 820 750 300 150 11mm 620 400 3φ200V 7.2 30A 15A 40A ¥1,070,000